Our Constitution

The non-profit organisation known as ‘Friends of Buchan Country Park’ was formed in the latter part of 2011.

Our Aims

Our aims are:

To put the aims into practice, the Friends will adopt the following objectives:


Membership of the Friends of Buchan Park will be open to anyone who agrees with the Aims and Objectives and agrees to abide by the rules of the organisation. Membership shall be registered annually, and membership fees, if any, will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

The Friends shall ensure proper insurance cover for its members. At the present time, insurance cover is provided by West Sussex County Council.

An Annual General Meeting shall be held in each calendar year to transact the following business:

A quorum at a General Meeting shall be 5 members; all registered members may vote at a General Meeting.

The officers of the Friends shall comprise a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Chairman has a casting vote at all Committee and General meetings.

The Committee shall consist of the officers, together with a minimum of 3 other members elected at the AGM; the Committee may co-opt additional members as appears expedient. A quorum for a Committee meeting shall be 3 members elected at the previous AGM. The Committee may appoint such other Sub-Committees and officers as it sees fit.

All funds belonging to the Friends shall be kept in a bank account or building society in the name of the Friends of Buchan Park; the Treasurer shall maintain accounts which will be subject to audit and approval at the AGM. The use of the funds is at the discretion of the Committee.

The Committee shall have the following Terms of Reference:

Any 5 members of the Committee, or any 10 Members of the Friends, may call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) by writing to the Secretary and instructing him or her immediately to give all members a minimum of 21 calendar days (3 weeks) notice of the date of the EGM so called.

Membership of the Friends may be revoked by a majority vote of Committee members, provided that the member has the opportunity to make a presentation.

Changes to the Constitution must be approved at a properly constituted AGM or EGM.

If, at a General Meeting, the membership agrees to dissolve the organisation, all assets shall be transferred to West Sussex County Council.


Additional Expectations

The following is not part of the formal constitution but has been agreed by the committee to support the Terms of Reference.

The expectation of a committee member is that:

  1. He/she will promote FOBCP in a positive way at all times.
  2. He/she will contribute to meetings and be prepared to deputise for officers when asked (e.g. chair, take minutes etc.).
  3. He/she will attend additional meetings when necessary.
  4. His/her contributions/voting on matters etc. may be accepted by e-mail/proxy if notified through the agreed Friends’ e-mail address. The member must accept that
    communications will be copied to all other ratified committee members.
  5. He/she understands that the organisation is a democratic one and that all contacts made with other bodies, on FOBCP’s behalf, can only be made with the approval of the full committee.
  6. He/she will volunteer for core activities. These could include (in no particular order): recruiting/collecting subs; leading/volunteering for sub-groups; assisting at events – including being project leader; running the website; producing/contributing to the newsletter.
  7. When assisting at an event, he/she will abide by the agreed regulations, (e.g. wearing high-vis jackets/badges etc.) Unless agreed in advance, when assisting at events, members’ dogs are not welcome, (conflicted/concentration issues).